“Everything we do rests in one ideal: Quality along with integrity in building affordable stick built housing on your own property!”

From the homes we build to the people we recruit, we know that to be the best, we have to work with the best. Here at First Home Builders we are building the best team and relationships to bring our customers the best stick built custom designed homes for the lowest price in the affordable home class. First Home Builders has taken upon itself to address the affordable housing crisis that exists in the country. We feel it is no longer necessary for affordable home buyers to accept a lower grade of housing. We offer a better alternative to affordable attached condominium, single and double wide trailer homes that only depreciate in value and can’t be financed through traditional channels; old outdated non energy efficient homes that suck up your money in utility bills. Trailer home parks where you build no equity and do not own the land! As we continue to grow and expand into other parts of the country municipalities, governments, other homebuilders, Investors and lenders will continue to take notice of First Home Builders efforts and our success in solving the American affordable housing crisis. Our continued effort adds additional partnerships, greater land availability, lower cost supplies, grants, alternative financing initiatives, etc.. First Home Builders and our employees continued dedication and good old fashion hard work, adds value every day for our current, past and future customers.

We invest in our employees and our system from accounting and home design to relationships with our partners, suppliers and trades people. Working here at First Home Builders means doing work that we all feel good about in an environment we have pride working in and most importantly providing a product that is much needed and appreciated each and every day!

Build on Successes

As we grow, change, and adapt as a company, we want to embolden our staff and partners with the support, technology, and education to help us build the best possible affordable house that we can. We strive to empower all relationships to take ownership over their current path, wherever that may lead. Building a career at First Home Builders and the Vettraino Group offers everyone the opportunity to have ideas heard, to see contributions come to life, and to be rewarded with benefits of offering affordable home ownership. Home ownership is still the American Dream for many and whoever may want that has a greater chance of obtaining it here with us.

First Home Builders and the Vettraino Group its employees and partners are committed to respecting human rights. As a part of this commitment, all employees regularly receive training on First Home Builders Code of Ethics and Business Conduct policies. In addition, all subcontractors are required to formally commit to following all national and local laws, local and national building codes, as well as to adhere to First Home Builders and the Vettraino Group Code of Ethics and Business Conduct policies.

We believe First Home Builders is the Best Affordable Home Builder in the nation. We are quickly becoming the “Most watched” builder in our current market.

We’re flattered by our most recent reviews from our peers. The quality of our homes being offered at current price points, our Innovated in house financing options and the
Support and admiration from local building departments, townships, municipalities that have reviewed and rated our product… What we’re most proud of is building and providing our customers affordable homes, creating homeownership, and the American Dream. We will always inspire quality, discover possibility and Build you and affordable quality stick built home on your own land.

First Home Builders, the Vettraino Group along with its staff of dedicated employees are constantly developing new relationships that will simply result in more Affordable housing to be constructed. We are developing our own proprietary internal lending platform that will give institutional investors, accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to participate in a construction lending initiative which will allow more funding to build affordable housing. Our company and employees our forging relationships with many different municipalities and governing bodies that are also promoting affordable housing within their communities. These ongoing relationships being built by us are providing the much needed affordable land in which to build on, permanent mortgage financing advantages through our lending company, tax advantages for individuals purchasing affordable housing, etc… Affordable housing continues to be a problem in most areas from financing, to land, deed restrictions along with many more obstacles, First Home Builders is here working hard for our customers every day, building and financing affordable homes is what we do. Our goal is to provide everyone with the American dream of home ownership. The security of owning a quality stick built custom designed home on your very own piece of property is our top priority! We are doing this one project at a time and with you our customer out front.